Thursday, April 30, 2015


Today is the last day of A-Z. I know I'm sad too, but it has been fun this year and I will be back next year. To close out A-Z I will tell y'all about some Austin Brown weirdness. If the title doesn't explain what this post is about, then you're probably missing the point. Ok, we're going to talk about the fact that Austin can't keep his pants zipped. Yeah, I know I couldn't believe it either the first time I saw his What We're Thinkin While We're Singin where his zipper was down. It was hilarious. You can actually see his zipper sparkling in the stage lights. To start out Austin walks to the front of the stage. Then, the crowd starts cheer and woof whistling. He then, raises the microphone to his mouth and says "huh". Then, he look down at his zipper and zips his zipper very loudly. Then, he thanks the guy in the crowd for informing him that his zipper was down. Recently Austin put on Facebook "To all those who keep telling me my pants are unzipped, my eyes are up here".
Alright guys that was my last post for A-Z this year. Thanks for reading me and I look forward to doing this again next year.
Next week I will post about the concert tonight. Below is the video with Austin's zipper malfunction and one of my favorite picture of Home Free.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Man

Your Man is my favorite song sung by Tim Foust. Tim and his back up dancers make this song enjoyable and hilarious. And, of course there's Tim's really high note in the middle of the song. On Crazy Life the note is not really that high. After, Home Free released Crazy Life they started performing Your Man live in concert. Since then they have been on three different tours. Including their current Spring Tour Tour. Yes, I know I said tour twice it was on purpose. Ok, back to what I was talking about. Every time Tim performs Your Man his high note gets higher and higher. The first time Tim performed Your Man his note was not very impressive. Even I could go higher than that, but now Tim and I match or Tim can go slightly higher than I can. Which is amazing since he is a bass and I am an Alto/Tenor. Tim has a five octave range that is lower than most people can think and higher than Austin Brown. During the show they introduce Your Man as Tim's bass solo. Then, Tim goes high instead of low and Rob gets on to Tim because "this is a bass solo and you were up in or range(pointing to Austin and Himself) not cool dude not cool, so if you could go back down here (pointing to the floor) that would be great".
Bye everybody see you tomorrow with the last letter of A-Z. Next, week I will tell you all about tomorrow nights concert with pictures and everything.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xylophone (They Don't Have One)

Today I'm going talk about Home Free's lack of xylophones. As you know Home Free is a cappella, so Home Free doesn't have any instruments. In The Butt Remix and Honey I'm Good you really can't tell that they're a cappella. Fun Fact; in Honey I'm Good at 2:32-2:47 is Tim's lowest note ever recorded even lower than Ring Of Fire.Which is amazing considering that Ring Of Fire was the lowest note Tim had ever hit until a month ago. Country Girl is part of Butts that sound like a real band with instruments. Tim is really good at make harmonica sounds. Austin is a really good guitar. Adam makes good trumpet sounds. Chris and Tim sound like bass guitars. They are truly amazing at sound like a real instrumental band.
Bye guys see you later. Also, there is only two days left in A-Z and until the Home Free concert.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wake Me Up and What We're Thinkin While We're Singin and What We Ain't Got

Today I am going to talk about Wake Me Up by Avicii, a Home Free cover and Home Free's What We're Thinkin While We're Singin. Wake Me Up is one of my favorite to see in concert. Although I have to see it live, I am waiting anxiously until I do in 3 days. Wake Me Up is my favorite because all five guys move their hips. Tim and Adam the most of the five, but it's hilarious to watch five grown men move their hips side to side. Tim is my favorite to watch move his hips. It just makes me melt, but a so does his voice. Especially when he says "Well how you doin", I just like melt in my chair. Ok, moving on to What We're Thinkin While We're Singin. What We're Thinkin While We're Singin is basically what the title tells you it is. It is what Home Free is "thinking" while their're singing. It is definitely not what they are actually thinking, but it is pretty funny. What they are thinking is always changing, except for Adam's it's always the same. My favorite for Tim is "What ever happened to preparations A thru G". And, for Rob is "My wife accused of being immature. So I told her to get out of my fort". My favorite for Austin is " We did a show a couple of weeks ago and there was woman sitting in the front row and could just barely she her t-shirt from the stage and on the front in big bold letters it read guess. So I was like Implants!".
Now we are going to talk What We Ain't Got. What We Ain't Got is one of the best Home FRee videos ever. As you watch the video everything starts disappearing from the room. Including the guys jackets and jewelry. Rob's glasses and Chris's hat disappear as well. By the end of the video it's just Tim standing in an empty room all by himself. It is their best video by far.
Bye guys that's all for today. I'll see you tomorrow with X.
Here are the videos for Wake Me Up live, What We're Thinkin While We're Singin and What We Ain't Got.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Today we are going to talk about Home Free videos. Home Free has a verity of different videos, fast, slow, fun, and sad. The have videos about butts and they have videos about love. Here is a list of videos that have been released since I found Home Free: Wake Me Up, Hunter Hayes Medley, Your Man, Bye Bye Bye, Cruise, Story of My Life, Champagne Taste(On A Beer Budget), American Kids, Ring on Fire, All About That Bass, Any Way The Wind Blows, 19 You and Me, Feelin' It, This Is How We Roll, CMA Medley, Angels We Have Heard On High, Full Of Cheer, O'Holy Night, Everything Will Be Okay, I've Seen, Thinkin' Out Loud/Let's Get It On, Butt Remix and Honey I'm Good.
My favorite videos are: Wake Me Up, Hunter Hayes Medley, Story of My Life, Champagne Taste(On A Beer Budget), All About That Bass, Feelin' It, This Is How We Roll, Angels We Have Heard On High, Full Of Cheer, O'Holy Night, Butt Remix and Honey I'm Good.
The Butt Remix is made up of Honky Tonk Badonkadoka, Wiggle, Fat Bottom Girls, Baby Got Back, The Thong Song, and Country Girl (Shake it).
The Hunter Hayes Medley is made up of Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, Wanted, and I Want Crazy.
Bye Guys see you later. With just six days to go until the concert I have some videos to watch to catch up on Home Free.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Understanding Home Free

Today we are going to understand Home Free, or at least try to. Alright here are some fun facts about Home Free: 1. they are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2. Three out of the five guy are from Minnesota and still live there, 3. The group is inspired by boots, trucks and women, and Home Free was started at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato, Mn. Home free is also named after a boat. Oh, and they like to sing about Butts and Thongs. Now for some fun facts about the guys.
Austin finds clothing restricting. Tim is always on his phone. Rob is always posting on facebook about his dog (Penny Lane Lundguist).
Chris's cat peed on his vest that he had for less that a day and he has never worn it since. Adam doesn't talk. Austin likes to sing bad karaoke while he's drunk. Tim went to school to become a dentist, but soon realized that music was a better career for him. Rob likes rubber band bracelets. Chris taught swing dance and piano for many years. Adam was nominated to be the beat boxer by Chris. Austin was a model. Tim trims his hair every spring at the same barber in Nederland, Texas. Rob likes to go to Europe. Chris and Adam both graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Mn.
Bye guys I hope that informed you about Home Free. There are seven days left in the count til the Home Free concert.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thinkin' by Chris Rupp

T is for Thinkin, a post on facebook or twitter each day from Chris Rupp. Thinins are very inspirational and thought provoking. My favorite Thinkin is " Random spontaneous hugs are awesome!". I love to get random hugs and give random hugs. Although not as much as my little brother. Ok, back to Thinkin. Chris started writing Thinkins late last year and so far has over two hundred Thinkins. Once he get's three hundred sixty-five Thinkins he is going to make a calendar. Chris's Thinkins are something I look forward to reading every day. I love how he takes simple thoughts and turns them into something so great. It really makes me re-examine my life some times. I agree with most of Thinkins and there are some that I don't. Thinkins really made look at Chris as a totally different person. I always thought he was just goofy and that he didn't take anything seriously, but he does. And, it makes him an awesome person. Also, today is Adam's birth day. 
Bye guys see you later. I can't wait for the concert in eight days. Read Chris's Thinkins here:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


S is all about my favorite Home Free songs. Well, actually my most favorite Home Free songs. I will be talking about songs from Crazy Life, Full of Cheer, and Home Free's Youtube channel. My most favorite songs from Crazy Life are: Your Man, Crazy Life, Champagne Taste(on a Beer Budget) and A Little Bit of Everything. Ok, my favorites from Full of Cheer are: Full of Cheer, O'Holy Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, Hairy Christmas, Do You Hear What I Hear? and Christmas Medley. Now, unto their Youtube channel. My favorites are: All About The Bass, Feelin' It, This Is How We Roll, Angels We Have Heard on High, Full of Cheer, O'Holy Night, What We Ain't Got, The Butts Remix and Honey I'm Good.
Bye guys see you later and check out the videos below.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is the song that got my family hooked on Home Free. Ring of Fire was Home Free's third performance on The Sing Off. It was the performance that won it all. It was the first time I had heard of a cappella or the earth shaking bass that is Tim Foust. Ring of Fire is also Home Free's only video that has of seven million views. Thanks in no small part to Tim Foust. Ring of Fire was Tim's lowest note, before Honey I'm Good. And, according to Home Free his lowest note is still to come. I can't comprehend that, it's  The Sing Off was a reality TV show on ABC. Where Ten a cappella groups including Home Free. Be the final episode there were three groups left. Including a really good high school group with a female beat boxer. Part of the prize for winning was a contract with Columbia Records. Out of that came Crazy Life and Full of Cheer. They also won a hundred thousand dollars and a trophy. Ring of Fire is my Favorite song from the Sing Off.
Bye guys see you tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Quirks are good and bad, when it comes to Home Free all their quirks are good or hilarious. Well, except Chris' dancing, that's just weird and awkward. Sadly, Adam doesn't have any quirks, but he can sound like really cool instruments. Honestly he doesn't sound like a human. Ok, back on topic now. Tim has an awesome quirk. And that's his ability to move his hips.  He love to shake his hips. I know of several songs they do in concert where he moves his hips. Wake Me Up, American Kids, All About That Bass, and A Little Bit of Everything. My favorite thing Tim does is move his hips and I get to see them do all four of these songs in eleven days. Also, another quirk he has is to make all the girls in the audience melt with just a few words. Now, we are going to move on to Chris. Chris's best quirk is make the audience laugh at Chris embarrassing himself. Yes, there is a reason for Chris being an eligible bachelor. As Tim says "there's just one problem well there are number of problems" with Chris and being a bachelor is just one of the problems. There's also the fact that he can't dance like a normal person, Like at all. He just can't, but he does have arms the size of....well their really big. Adam and Chris are both pretty buff, that's for sure. Robs only Quirk is that he is the cuddliest teddy bear ever. Everyone wants to give him a hug. Even I want to give him a hug. He's just so darn sweet. Ok, on to the last guy Austin. Austin has a cute little nose scrunch in the O' Holy Night video. He also has the ability to hit really high notes and hold them. He is super photogenic. He is always posing for photos or photo bombing the other guys selfies.
Bye guys see you tomorrow with R.  Bonus the first person to tell me in the comments which person is which will get....nothing you just know Home Free really well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


P is for the people of Home Free. In total there are about ten people in Home Free that go on the road. The five guys and four backstage technicians. Ok to start out we are going to talk about the founder of Home Free, Chris Rupp.
Chris Rupp (35) is a piano major and he taught swing dance for a number of years.
Alright now we are going to talk about the other founder of Home Free, Adam Rupp.
Adam Rupp (32) is from Mankato, Mn and is the beat boxer of Home Free.
Now to move on to Rob Lundquist one of the high tenors of Home Free.
Rob Lundquist (31) is from Brooklyn Park, Mn and has a degree in music from The University of MN-Duluth for vocal performance.
Ok time to talk about my favorite member of Home Free, Tim Foust.
Tim Foust (33) callS Nederland, Tx home and has been apart of several different a cappella groups over the years.
Now for the last member of Home Free, the baby of the group, Mr. Austin Brown.
Austin Brown (28) hails from Tifton, Ga and has enormous vocal talent. He even sang at disney world and on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, where he met the guys of Home Free.
Chris and his brother Adam started Home Free back in college (2001). Now fifteen years later Home Free is touring the nation full time.

Bye guys see you Monday. Oh and there is just 13 days left in the count to the concert.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is where I am going in just fourteen days. Yes, fourteen days! I know I'm excited too. I love Home Free. I am so happy and nervous to go to my first Home Free concert. I can't wait to meet Tim and Austin and Chris and Adam, oh and Rob too. I am going to look like a dwarf compared to those five. In order from smallest to largest here are the guys heights; Austin is 6'1 and a half, Adam and Chris are 6'2 and Tim and Rob are 6'3. I'm 5'6, I feel so short. My dad is 6'3 so I kinda know how short I am compared to Tim. Now Austin isn't going seem so tall. I am so going to call him Honey Boo Boo. I am so happy Home Free is finally coming to Oklahoma. Since we found Home Free in December of 2013, the closest they have came to Tulsa, Oklahoma is Fayetteville, Arkansas. They will finally be closer on April 30th, 2015. I found out last year that right before we found Home Free they were in a small town in Oklahoma. I know grrr right. I'm surprised it took Home Free so long to come back to Oklahoma. Austin went to college in Oklahoma City. And Chris went to a movie in Tulsa. Also, Tim likes it anywhere that's warm. So that's three of the five guys that like Oklahoma. So, I don't know why they haven't come yet, but all I can do is hope and wait. And ask them when I see them why they haven't come yet.
Bye guys until tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Songs, Videos, Albums and Merch.

Today I will be talking about new stuff from Home Free. As for new songs the added seven new songs to the Spring tour. And, Tim is writing a new song with Home Free's producer. Home Free had seven new videos to come as of the end of February. They have so far released four with three to go and one recorded for this winter. So far they have released: Thinkin out loud/Let's get it on, What We Ain't Got, Butts Remix, and Honey I'm Good. To come are: Mom, Wagon Wheel and ?. Why a question mark? Because I don't know what the last song is. I think it's a song off of Crazy Life, but I'm really not sure. Ok the next album will be coming out late summer or early fall. On that album will be some cool collaborations and new Home Free originals. One collaboration we know of is Elvira with the Oak Ridge Boys. Coming to the Home Free online store is new tour merchandise. New t-shirts, posters, photos, etc.
Bye guys see you later with more facts.
Newest Video below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Merchandise is awesome, especially when it's Home Free merchandise. I have a Home Free t-shirt, poster and a cd. The poster and the cd are both signed. In just sixteen days I will have more signed merch. Yes, I said signed merch. Tim is always talking about signed merch. Ok, the t-shirt and poster I have I didn't pay for I got them free for being a patron. What is a patron you ask? A patron is some one who supports Home Free on Patreon. What is Patreon? Watch the video below to find out. For My birthday I asked my family if they would get me Home Free T-shirts and other Home Free merch. I really want an EWBOK bear as well, but they're all sold out and they haven't released the info on how to get one yet.
Bye guys see you tomorrow for N. Here is a link to the Home Free store and a link to their websire.

Here is the video I was talking about.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Bit of Everything and Little Red Wasp

L is for A Little Bit of Everything a Home Free cover and Little Red Wasp a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. I know what you're thinking what does a restaurant in Texas have to do with Home Free. Well it doesn't have to do with the group, but a member of the group. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Fort Worth and the last time I went to visit them we ate Little Red Wasp. I found out Sunday that Tim Foust ate there earlier that day. I'm sooooo giddy. I mean less than a year later he ate at the restaurant as I did. It's like we were there together. Maybe even on a date. Anyway back to the song for today. A Little Bit of Everything is by Keith Urban. This another one of those songs where I like the original too. My favorite parts are the guitar sounds that Austin makes and the Foust wiggle in the middle. If you don't know what a Foust wiggle is then you need to watch the video below. Watch for tim's solo toward the end of the song and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Bye, guys see you tomorrow with more facts and fun.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Kids, American

Today is American Kids by Kenny Chesney. Another one of my favorite songs. The Home Free cover not the original. I can't stand Kenny's version, but I don't like Kenny Chesney at all. I don't understand why people like Kenny Chesney. American Kids is my all time favorite Home Free covers. The song starts out with Adam beat boxing. Then, comes in Tim and his rockin bass. I love the bass. Then, Austin, Rob, and Chris come in with vocals and lyrics. The song also really speaks to me being a backwoods country girl. And, its just a fun song to sing along with.
Bye, guys see you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jump Right In

Today we are jumping right in to J. See what I did there? Oh, your not amused. Fine! I'll get on with it then. Geez, you don't have to be so pushy.  Jump Right In is by the Zac Brown Band. It happens to be one of those songs that the original I don't like. I am thrilled to be able to rock out to this song in concert. I love Jump Right In. It reminds me of summer, my favorite season. I love sand and water and just getting away from it all. That's why I love camping so much. I'm a country girl inside and out. Anyway, Rob takes the lead on this song and Tim does some awesome bass. Along with Adams sounds of crickets and monkeys in the background.
Bye for now guys. See you Monday with more songs, facts, and info.

Please feel free to watch Jump Right In to your right.

Friday, April 10, 2015

I've Seen

I is for I've Seen another Tim Foust original. I've Seen is truly a beautiful and unique song. Originally written not a cappella. It was transferred over quiet nicely. It's really cool to see Chris jumping right in and doing the bass for this song. Tim never really goes lower than Chris in this song until the very end of the song. It's also really interesting to hear Austin and Rob doing background instrument and vocals rather that singing lead in this song. In shows Chris usually sings lead on this song. Which is good and bad. Cause Chris doesn't sing lead on many songs, but it's bad because Chris'
voice doesn't really match the song well. His voice is not deep enough in my opinion. So I wasn't too upset when they took I've Seen out of the set list for the sprig tour. In general I love this song. It is a heartfelt romantic love song. Which really speaks to people in long lasting relationships who are musicians and other people who tour a lot and don't get to see their loved as often as they would like.

Bye guys until tomorrow I am going to be running around happy because there is only 21 days until the Home Free concert.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Fries

Home Fries are what Home Free Fans are called. And according to Chris super Home Free fans are called Home Freaks. And people who just like Home Free, but they aren't obsessed with them are called Home Free fans. I'm a Home Fry and a Home Freak. I am just going to say the Home Fry community is one of the best. If you ever need prayer of just need to be cheered up the Home Fries groups are usually pretty good at that. There are multiple facebook groups just for Home Fries. If you are a Home Fry and you haven't joined any of the groups I suggest you do it soon. There is even a facebook group for Tim fans. I have never met any of the Fries in the groups I'm in, but I am looking forward to meeting some at the concert.

That's all the Facts for today see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Today is all about Home Free's guilty pleasures. In older shows prior to the spring tour Home Free used to do their guilty pleasures in every show. It was a ten minute long skit with really bad music that they love anyway (according to Tim).  Baby is Austin's guilty pleasure, Call Me Maybe is Chris's guilty pleasure, Friday by is Rob's guilty pleasure, Party Rock Anthem is Tim's guilty pleasure, and Gangnam Style is Adam's guilty pleasure. Yeah you can imagine what that's like with those songs. And of course there's Tim two things and Tim's twerking. Yes, I said twerking. Also, in the skit Tim is constantly telling Austin he can't rap and keeps making fun of his pants. Which are skinny jeans that are still a little baggy. And they're also purple. Yep, purple pants on a grown man. Aye ye ye! I kinda wish they had left the guilty pleasures in their shows, cause I really wanted to see Tim twerk and Austin rap.
Welp, that is the Home Free trivia for today, until tomorrow watch the video below and look at the pics.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feelin' It

F is for Feelin' It a Home Free cover. Feelin' It is originally by Scotty McCreery winner of the tenth season of American Idol. Are you Feelin' It yet? Yep! "Sunset settin' getin' goods gettin' good as it can get lip gloss glossin' no more talkin' baby give me a kiss" Tim and Rob. That is my favorite part of Feelin' It. Feelin' It is one of my personal favorites. Well all of Home Free's songs are my favorite. According to my dad I have more favorite songs than anyone else in the world. I love the video for Feelin' It. Shot at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, Minnesota it has the perfect setting for a song such as Feelin' It. There are few songs that Home Free does covers of that I like the original song. This is one of those few songs that the original is as good as the cover. Not that I'm being biased of anything. I just find that once Home Free covers a song the original is... Bleh.
That's It for today. More Home Free facts, songs, and info to come.
Below is the Feelin' It vid and a pic.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Everything Will Be Okay

EWBOK!!!! If you are a true Home Fry you will know what this means. If you aren't then I guess I will have to explain it. EWBOK means Everything Will Be Okay. Pronounced OO Bock. EWBOK is written by Tim Foust. Tim wrote Everything Will Be Okay, when he was a solo country artist. Tim even released his solo country album (not a cappella) called The Best That I Could Do. You can look for it I-tunes and Spotify. Anyway back to EWBOK. EWBOK is the perfect song for when you feeling down. When you feel like rather than dealing with the world you just wanna curl up in a ball and die. This song will make you feel like you can just push through your day and Everything Will Be Okay (pun intended). If you watch the video you will notice the theme with the bear. The bear is named EWBOK. If you would like an EWBOK bear comment below and I will give you the information when I have it. There will be a separate post later with the info.

Bye guys! See you tomorrow with more facts and info about Home Free.
Below is a picture of EWBOK and the video.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Drum Solo

D is all about Adam Rupp and his Drum solo. Adam is a human drum set with ridiculous talent. And, no I don't mean his talent is ridiculous as in stupid, I mean ridiculous as in awesome. Adam sounds exactly like real drums. Sometimes you can't even tell the drums in the background are human and not instruments. In every show Home Free does Adam get his own drum solo. He loves to be able to have his solo since he doesn't sing. Mostly he does it to silence the skeptics in the crowd, who don't believe there aren't tracks playing behind them. It really is hard to believe that they're an A Cappella band. The sounds they make with their mouths are incredible. They sound like guitars, harmonicas, drums, bass guitars, etc. In my opinion Home Free is the best A Cappella group ever. 27 days til I go see Home Free.

Bye guys see you Monday with more Home Free Trivia.

Below is a picture and video of Adam Rupp.


With songs like Honky Tonk Badonkadonk and What We Ain't Got there is a wide variety of different country songs. The links above go to the original songs not the Home Free covers. If you would like to see the covers look up Home Free Butt Medley or Home Free What We Ain't Got. I have always liked country. My dad on the other hand never liked country, until we found Home Free. Even people who don't like country love Home Free. Home Free does country love songs or they even country-a-fy pop songs. They do emotional make you wanna cry for days songs and they do uplifting feel good songs. If you ever having a bad day just listen to some of their songs. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. Home Free is just an all around good down to earth country band. The only thing that's makes them different than the rest of the county bands out there is that they don't use instruments. And their lack of bad words, most of the time. If they can change the words to song without ruining it, they will to remove the bad words.

And that's all the Home Free trivia for the day. See you tomorrow.

Here is another Picture of Home Free.

Yes, Tim is eating the Ham Sammich from the Butt Medley.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


 B is for Bass and I'm all about that bass. I don't just like the song, I love the bass of Home Free. Tim Foust is my favorite member of Home Free. I know what you're thinking I thought Austin was your favorite. Well.....He was and still is. I'm confusing you right. I like both Austin and Tim. It depends on the day which one is my favorite. Today, Tim is my favorite. I like Chris too. Oh, I like Adam too. Yeah, I pretty much like all of them. I crush on all of them, except for Rob. I just can't crush on Rob. He reminds me too much of my dad and some other people I know. What was I talking about. Oh yeah, I was talking about how I love bass. Tim is the best bass singer in my opinion. He has a five octave range and two tones. He has that voice that will just make you melt. When he hits earth shaking low notes it gives you goose bumps. My family likes to play their music through the surround sound in our living room. When, Tim hits low notes our entire house shakes. I was sitting in a chair in our dinning room and could the bass in my chair. As the one of judges on the Sing off once said "I got bass in my butt". I am so looking forward to the Home Free concert in 29 days. I can't wait to feel the bass in my butt as the building shakes. I have heard many people say that the entire venue will shake as he hits the lowest notes in the song. He even blew out a couple speakers in concert with his bass. He had to apologize to the people in the front row who now had shards of speaker in their face. One lady said on facebook that she went to a Home Free last spring and the subwoofer vibrated off the stage into her and her boyfriends lap in the front row.

Here is a picture of Tim.
Bye followers see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Cappella

Hey guys welcome to the first day of April and the first day of A to Z. If you didn't read the theme reavel post, you better go back and read it cause you're not going to know what I'm blogging about this year. A is for A Cappella. You're probably thinking Kristin you spelled that wrong it's one word, but it's not. A Cappella is two words. For all of you who don't know what A Cappella is. It's music without the use of any talent. Aca scuse me! No, I'm just kidding A Cappella is music made using only you're mouth. Just your mouth, no really!! Yes, really it's just your mouth. I know it seems hard to believe, but it's true. Most of you probably don't get the jokes above, so I'm going to explain it for you. Tim Foust of Home Free explains to the audience in there shows that A Cappella is music without the use of any talent. Then, Austin Brown says Aca scuse me! Which is from the movie pitch perfect. A movie about collegiate a cappella groups. Ok, to better understand an A Cappella group I'm going to tell you what an A Cappella group does. A Cappella groups are usually made up of a beat boxer, a bass, a baritone, and a couple of tenors, altos, or sopranos. Unless thier an all female group. In that case they don't usually have a bass or a baritone. Home Free is made up of five guys. They have Tim the bass, Adam the beat boxer, Chris the baritone, and Rob and Austin the high tenors. Below you will find a video and a picture from Home Free.

Bye guys I have the new Home Free video to watch a hundred more times. Here's the link to the video on youtube

Monday, March 23, 2015

A-Z Challenge Theme - HOME FREE

My Theme for the A-Z Challenge this year is Home Free. I guess some of you might be wondering why Home Free is my topic this year, so I will tell you. On Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 8pm, My family and I will be going to our fist Home Free concert. And, I won't be able to concentrate on anything else during the weeks leading up to the concert. So, that is why my theme this year is Home Free. I will be talking about facts, song, videos, quirks and, much more. So, as I go the April I will be blogging about all things home free. Prepare to learn more about Home Free than you know or probably wanted to know.

Here is the list of days the letters are on.   See you this April.