Friday, April 10, 2015

I've Seen

I is for I've Seen another Tim Foust original. I've Seen is truly a beautiful and unique song. Originally written not a cappella. It was transferred over quiet nicely. It's really cool to see Chris jumping right in and doing the bass for this song. Tim never really goes lower than Chris in this song until the very end of the song. It's also really interesting to hear Austin and Rob doing background instrument and vocals rather that singing lead in this song. In shows Chris usually sings lead on this song. Which is good and bad. Cause Chris doesn't sing lead on many songs, but it's bad because Chris'
voice doesn't really match the song well. His voice is not deep enough in my opinion. So I wasn't too upset when they took I've Seen out of the set list for the sprig tour. In general I love this song. It is a heartfelt romantic love song. Which really speaks to people in long lasting relationships who are musicians and other people who tour a lot and don't get to see their loved as often as they would like.

Bye guys until tomorrow I am going to be running around happy because there is only 21 days until the Home Free concert.

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