Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Bit of Everything and Little Red Wasp

L is for A Little Bit of Everything a Home Free cover and Little Red Wasp a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. I know what you're thinking what does a restaurant in Texas have to do with Home Free. Well it doesn't have to do with the group, but a member of the group. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Fort Worth and the last time I went to visit them we ate Little Red Wasp. I found out Sunday that Tim Foust ate there earlier that day. I'm sooooo giddy. I mean less than a year later he ate at the restaurant as I did. It's like we were there together. Maybe even on a date. Anyway back to the song for today. A Little Bit of Everything is by Keith Urban. This another one of those songs where I like the original too. My favorite parts are the guitar sounds that Austin makes and the Foust wiggle in the middle. If you don't know what a Foust wiggle is then you need to watch the video below. Watch for tim's solo toward the end of the song and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Bye, guys see you tomorrow with more facts and fun.

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  1. Tim just better remember that I have a 12 gauge and seven acres! I do like the song, though.