Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Fries

Home Fries are what Home Free Fans are called. And according to Chris super Home Free fans are called Home Freaks. And people who just like Home Free, but they aren't obsessed with them are called Home Free fans. I'm a Home Fry and a Home Freak. I am just going to say the Home Fry community is one of the best. If you ever need prayer of just need to be cheered up the Home Fries groups are usually pretty good at that. There are multiple facebook groups just for Home Fries. If you are a Home Fry and you haven't joined any of the groups I suggest you do it soon. There is even a facebook group for Tim fans. I have never met any of the Fries in the groups I'm in, but I am looking forward to meeting some at the concert.

That's all the Facts for today see you tomorrow.

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  1. I have now been informed! :)
    That was fun!
    Coming over from A-Z