Saturday, April 18, 2015


P is for the people of Home Free. In total there are about ten people in Home Free that go on the road. The five guys and four backstage technicians. Ok to start out we are going to talk about the founder of Home Free, Chris Rupp.
Chris Rupp (35) is a piano major and he taught swing dance for a number of years.
Alright now we are going to talk about the other founder of Home Free, Adam Rupp.
Adam Rupp (32) is from Mankato, Mn and is the beat boxer of Home Free.
Now to move on to Rob Lundquist one of the high tenors of Home Free.
Rob Lundquist (31) is from Brooklyn Park, Mn and has a degree in music from The University of MN-Duluth for vocal performance.
Ok time to talk about my favorite member of Home Free, Tim Foust.
Tim Foust (33) callS Nederland, Tx home and has been apart of several different a cappella groups over the years.
Now for the last member of Home Free, the baby of the group, Mr. Austin Brown.
Austin Brown (28) hails from Tifton, Ga and has enormous vocal talent. He even sang at disney world and on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, where he met the guys of Home Free.
Chris and his brother Adam started Home Free back in college (2001). Now fifteen years later Home Free is touring the nation full time.

Bye guys see you Monday. Oh and there is just 13 days left in the count to the concert.

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  1. You've done a great job of coming up with appropriate lettered post for the day, all about one group. I'm impressed!
    Trisha Faye