Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feelin' It

F is for Feelin' It a Home Free cover. Feelin' It is originally by Scotty McCreery winner of the tenth season of American Idol. Are you Feelin' It yet? Yep! "Sunset settin' getin' goods gettin' good as it can get lip gloss glossin' no more talkin' baby give me a kiss" Tim and Rob. That is my favorite part of Feelin' It. Feelin' It is one of my personal favorites. Well all of Home Free's songs are my favorite. According to my dad I have more favorite songs than anyone else in the world. I love the video for Feelin' It. Shot at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, Minnesota it has the perfect setting for a song such as Feelin' It. There are few songs that Home Free does covers of that I like the original song. This is one of those few songs that the original is as good as the cover. Not that I'm being biased of anything. I just find that once Home Free covers a song the original is... Bleh.
That's It for today. More Home Free facts, songs, and info to come.
Below is the Feelin' It vid and a pic.

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  1. This video perfectly fits the feel of the song. They've been getting better and better at their videography.