Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Man

Your Man is my favorite song sung by Tim Foust. Tim and his back up dancers make this song enjoyable and hilarious. And, of course there's Tim's really high note in the middle of the song. On Crazy Life the note is not really that high. After, Home Free released Crazy Life they started performing Your Man live in concert. Since then they have been on three different tours. Including their current Spring Tour Tour. Yes, I know I said tour twice it was on purpose. Ok, back to what I was talking about. Every time Tim performs Your Man his high note gets higher and higher. The first time Tim performed Your Man his note was not very impressive. Even I could go higher than that, but now Tim and I match or Tim can go slightly higher than I can. Which is amazing since he is a bass and I am an Alto/Tenor. Tim has a five octave range that is lower than most people can think and higher than Austin Brown. During the show they introduce Your Man as Tim's bass solo. Then, Tim goes high instead of low and Rob gets on to Tim because "this is a bass solo and you were up in or range(pointing to Austin and Himself) not cool dude not cool, so if you could go back down here (pointing to the floor) that would be great".
Bye everybody see you tomorrow with the last letter of A-Z. Next, week I will tell you all about tomorrow nights concert with pictures and everything.

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