Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday the WORST day EVER.

Fridays are the only day my mom has to work. She works for my grandfather. He owns an auto body shop. My mom does all the financial stuff for his shop with the help of a few others. Because we're homeschooled we have to go with her. Well actually that's not true. I could watch them, but I don't like to. Fridays are usually pretty hectic. They're filled with cranky screaming children which makes mom cranky and she yells at me which makes me cranky and then everybody has a bad day. Oh and I forgot to mention that it's raining where I live today, making this Friday ten times worse. Also, this afternoon mom has a doctors appointment right in the middle of payroll (part of the finances). So I have to watch the three at the doctor's office. Which is hard to do. I have to keep them quiet and entertained while mom sees the doctor. Which, thanks to electronics, that's pretty easy sometimes. They're usually pretty quiet until the electronic they're playing on dies. Of course they are always forgetting the chargers. So the kid that doesn't have an electronic is angry and starts screaming at the top of their lungs and gets grounded. Well at least I have Home Free to listen to. Listening to them calms me down and makes me feel happy. Home Free is the a cappella band I mentioned in the first post. There will be a picture at the end of the post. Now that you know what Fridays are like for me, I hope yours are better. See you next time on Inside the Drama.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi my name is Kristin. This blog is going to be about the drama inside my life. I have three younger siblings. I am homeschooled so I am always with them. Trust me it's not always easy.  It's never quiet, always crazy, and a little boring.  I love my siblings, but sometimes I want to kill them. This blog is basically a stress reliever and something fun to write. Not everyone is going to agree with the things I say, but who cares I'm going to write stuff anyway.  I have a little bit of an obsession with an a cappella band so I might mention them quite a few times.