Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Last day I'm sad and relieved it's over. The end came too soon though.
The A-Z challenge was fun. I will be doing the A-Z challenge next year. The topic for next year will be out closer to the time the challenge starts so stay tuned.

Sometimes my house is like a zoo. Animals running rampant, dirty clothes and dishes every where, dirty bathrooms. The list goes on and on, but when we all work together the zoo is clean and orderly. Like I said in A we have four animals living in our house. So it's like owning a zoo.  Plus, we once owned cows. Soon we are going to get chickens to. And my grandparents own horses and they live right next door and their horses graze in our pasture too. So it's definitely a zoo. Plus, it looks and smells like a zoo in the back pasture.

Well I guess that is it for the A-Z challenge. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Touched Me!

Second to last letter. Today's post is going to be about me and friends. You can here about a argument that's been going on for over 2 years. It's still going on today. It started in October of 2012. And every time I see my friend we start the fight every time. Not that either of us are mad about it. It's just hilarious to fight over a simple little thing. Every time our family's get to together one of his siblings or my siblings gets us going. Well here's the story.

October 2012 me, my friends and my siblings were swimming in the lake. The water was kinda cold so we were trying not to stay in one spot. My friend Kenny convinced us to go out further in the lake to investigate a mysterious object. We got there and found out it was a log. My other friend Austin said we should probably get away from it because there could be something harmful living inside it. Me and my best friend Chloe and my other best friend Katelyn headed toward shore first. Then, Austin and Kenny came a minute or so later. I didn't hear Austin coming up behind me over my friends and I talking. Well Austin grabbed my leg and it scared me. My first instinct was to kick and swim faster. I didn't find out that I had kicked Austin in the gut till me and my other friends got to shore and Austin told me I had kicked him. I told him it was his fault and that he shouldn't come up behind me when I'm swimming. Then, I said and I quote "You touched me". And he said "You kicked me". And then we fought about who did what. To this day two years later we still fight about it.

Well now that you've heard about my friends. It's time to end. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Three letters left and the hardest three too. So now that I have found a topic let's get on with it shall we. X-Factor. Not talking about the show. I've never seen it. I just got the term from the show. But I think that people have an X-Factor. I think that all people have it weather they can sing or not. I think that my friends and family have an X-Factor. I don't have time to list them there are too many. This is going to be a short post. So everyone has an X-Factor weather they know it or not. No matter how big or small your X-Factor is. Its important to Yahweh and the people around you.
See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wiggly Giggly

Were almost done with the A to Z Challenge. So I'm just going to get on with it.

Wiggles and Giggles are fun, but sometimes they're bad. Like when your in church. You aren't supposed to be wiggling around and giggling. You tend to get in trouble. When you're the grand kids of the rabbi and you're the ones being loud and noise. You embarrass your grandparents and parents.

They're are those times when you're at home and you just can't sit still. Then you can probably run around and bounce off things and giggle and wiggle as much as you want. As long as you don't do anything you are not supposed to. So if you decide to run around the house and you're not supposed to and you get in trouble. It is not my fault. I told you not to do anything that you aren't allowed to.

Well I have school and other things. So see ya later on Inside the Drama.    

Friday, April 25, 2014

Vegetables Hate-em

Vegetables are the worst food in the world. If it grows on a tree or a vine it is gross. Except corn and potatoes they're pretty good. I will eat mashed potatoes every day for rest of my life if I could. You can cover vegetable in chocolate and I still wouldn't eat them. You cover them in a candy coating wouldn't eat-em. If somebody could make them taste like candy then I might eat them. Until then I will stick to not eating them. The Home Free guys probably couldn't get me to them. If Austin Brown asked me nicely I still wouldn't eat them. And you guys how much I love Home Free and Austin Brown, but sorry I hate vegetables and that's that. Well, I guess if Home Free let me tour with them or sing on stage with them if I ate the vegetables. Then, I would eat them. Ok, maybe I would for Austin Brown. What he's cute.

Well that on foods and boys for the day. Bye! See ya later on Inside the Drama.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Let's kick off the day with the 21st letter of the alphabet. U is number 21 so that today's topic letter.

Uncomfortable is my choice for the day. I have always been uncomfortable around lots of people. In the Winter Jam line I was antsy because I was going to be able to get into Winter Jam, but also because there were a lot of people. I have also been afraid to talk to people on the phone or people in general. I don't like to talk to cashiers or people walking by. I found my best friend because she is the same way.
The first sentence we said to each other was "I didn't think you would like me." We have been friends ever sense. I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid. I never went to public school or lived in a neighborhood. We actually live I small town in Oklahoma. We live in a hay field. We do have friends that live ten minutes from us, but they don't come over often.

Back on topic now. I have gotten better at speaking to people and are slowly getting over it. After, my Bat Mitzvah I should be able to talk to people without being scared.

Well I have friends coming over soon and school to do. See ya later on Inside the Drama.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Is me by Demi Lovato

T is about a song rather than advice or the drama in my life. This song makes me feel better and I can kinda relate to it. I makes me feel better to know that a huge star like Demi Lovato suffered from being shy. I can also relate to it because I suffer from shyness. I have always been afraid of standing in front of people and talking or singing. On Saturdays I'm always afraid that if I make a mistake while dancing that everybody gonna notice and make fun of me. I think everyone feels like that though. And I am slowly getting over that. I have my Bat Mitzvah coming soon and I'm going to have to stand and teach to my closest friends and family. I think that the puppeting I do really helps with that too.

Enough about me more about the song. Demi Lovato sang this song in the movie Camp Rock. She played Mitchie Torres a shy teenager. Her family couldn't afford to go to the camp until Michie's mom got a job as the camp cook. Well she lied that her mom was some big shot Movie Producer or something like that. She met a nice guy and fell in love with him. Well when the lies all fell apart she was about to lose him. You'll have to watch the movie to find out what happened in the end.

Well a couple months after the movie came out. Demi Lovato and Beaker from the Muppets sang a duet together and It was hilarious.

Well that's all for today. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.
Here is a video of Demi and Beaker.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Siblings are both fun and annoying. Like I said I have three siblings. Two brothers and a sister. You have already learned a little bit about my brother and you get learn more about him. You will also get to learn about my sister Alyssa and my brother Robbie.

Xander is my youngest brother. During the A-Z challenge he turned 6 years old. In fact my brothers birthday was the same day as I blogged about his favorite band. His birthday was the day I blogged about Home Free. Home Free would just adore Xander. I mean everybody does. Although they would probably have him like two days and they would be calling us demanding we take him back. Xander is a sweet loving little boy, but he can be kinda loud and rambunctious sometimes.

Robbie is my oldest younger brother. Robbie one of those people who states their mind whether we want him to or not. It''s a good quality and a bad quality. It really shows his character, but it also offends people. If you are wearing something or doing something he doesn't like he will state his mind about it. He is lovable though. If you get hurt he will comfort you and make you feel better sometimes.

I saved the best person for last. My sister Alyssa. She is one the best people in my life. I don't know if she knows this, but I can't live without her. I want to kill her sometimes, but if didn't have her my life would be dull and boring. My life would definitely be incomplete without her. She is my best friend in the whole world. She is the one that I can talk to about anything and she will listen. Plus, she the only person I can talk to about Home Free and her not role her eyes at me or get annoyed about it. Sometimes we disagree, but everyone disagree with their sibling sometimes.

Well that's all for today. See ya later on Inside the Drama.

Monday, April 21, 2014


R is a post that is going to be hard. Not all of the people reading this post are going to agree with me and that is okay. I am Messianic. Messianic means that I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus. We attend church on Saturday. On Saturday we sing and dance to the songs. We have a few teachers that teach from the Torah and B'rit Chadasha. The Old Testament and the New Testament. In June I am going to have my Bat Mitzvah. Bat Mitzvah means daughter of the commandments. After I have my Bat Mitzvah I will be an adult. A Bat Mitzvah is where I get to teach that Saturday for the first time in my life. It's a little nerve racking, but awesome. I finally get to be an adult. I finally will be able to feel what it feels like to teach on Saturdays. Well I have to visit with. So see ya later on Inside the Drama.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quiet Please!

I am pretty sure it is impossible for my brothers and sister to be quiet. If Adam Rupp can find a way to be quiet my siblings can too. I've got to find out how Chris Rupp got his brother to be quiet. I'm serious I've got to find out soon my ears are going to explode. They keep singing the same song over and over and over again. Somebody on Youtube took the song Let It Go from Frozen and changed into Let em Burn. The entire song is about death. It is a sick song. And now it's just annoying. I am home schooled so I have to do school in the same room as them. It is really hard to concentrate when you have a little brother who's school sings to them. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have the sound a 100%. We listen to Home Free during school time and it's really hard to hear the songs when you have two brothers who like to talk to each other the entire time. Well actually it more like yelling at each other. And they are sitting across from each other. Well that's enough ranting for the day. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.  

Friday, April 18, 2014


Puppets is the topic for the day. My best friends dad owns B'nai Torah Ministries featured on Hebraic Roots Network. Torah puppets teaches the Torah and more. The Torah is the first five books of the bible. We teach from the Old Testament and the New Testament. I have two different puppets a donkey and a cow. Donkey was my first puppet. Stan my best friends dad borrowed Donkey from the church he works at. He writes the things she says I just say it. Donkey has my normal voice and is a little insane. For a puppet skit we are doing at the begging of June Donkey is going to be interrupting other people as they are talking. She is going to be saying weird things and have a crazy look in her eye. Milky Moo Vonjesahorgen   is my second puppet. I came up with the idea for Milky. We were o our way back from Branson when I thought of her. She started out as Little Puppet Vonjesahorgen who was a mean Austrian girl. When my dad mention my idea to Stan he said it was a good idea, but we had to change the name because we didn't want to break the fourth wall. So we got a cow puppet and changed her name to Milky Moo. And every time she says her name she has an Austrian accent. Then she starts talking in a really high voice. 

Well now that you have learned about our ministry and my puppets feel free to watch us on HRN.Com on 7 am and 7:30 am on Mondays and Saturdays  

See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Obligations are something everybody has. Around my house there are many. My mom owns a tree farm and everybody in my house the obligation to help her. My best friends dad has a ministry. We teach kids about the Torah through puppets. Torah is the first five books of the bible. You can read more about the puppets and the ministry in my p post. Anyway I have an obligation to be there almost every Wednesday night to film the puppets. I have obligations around my house to cook, clean, and babysit. Home Free has obligations too. They have to perform for their Home Fries. And any time they're on vacation they're aren't full filling their obligation. Well I have to go. Bye. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Need To Get Away For A While.

I need to get away how about you guys. I really want to go far away from my hometown for a while. I want somewhere like Colorado or Montana. Maybe Wyoming or somewhere in the Caribbean. Hawaii would be nice. It's warm all the time. I could go to the beach all year round. Unlike Oklahoma where from November till the end of March it's freezing. April to October is nice and warm. June through August is pretty hot, but we have lakes and ponds to jump into to cool off. So it's not that bad. Although in the middle of April we do get one last freeze before summer and a lot of rain. April is our rainy season. April is like the last time we get a lot of rain until November when it starts getting cold. I've been to Colorado a couple times in my life and I want to go back. We go to Branson, Missouri almost every year. We have a condo there so we get to go often. Plus it's only a 4 to 5 hour drive from my house. I went to Wyoming and Montana when I was two months old. So I really don't remember anything from that trip. So I want go again and see Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. Well now you know where I want to go on vacation tell me where you want to go on vacation in the comments. See ya'll next time on Inside the Drama. Peace Out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Moon is today's topic, Blood Moon actually. April 15, 2014, at 2 am there was total lunar eclipse. The moon was blood red. Well it was in some places. In my part of Oklahoma it was more dark orange then blood red. In Tulsa though it was blood red. Tulsa is only 25 miles west of where I live. Why me and my dad didn't see it that color I don't know. Home Free's Rob Lundquist and his dog stayed up and saw it. He posted that he saw it on Facebook. My dad and I stayed out for about half an hour or so before we went inside because it was freezing. I think my nose froze. Yes, that was supposed to be funny. Speaking of frozen has anybody reading this seen the movie Frozen. I have and it was good. My favorite part is when Olaf the snowman said Do Me A Favor Grab My Butt. Or when princess Ana said It Is Not Nice To Throw People. Well now that off topic again I have to end.

Here is a picture of the Blood Moon if you've never seen one.

See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Xander on Left, Lilly on Right
Lilly is my second cousin on my dad's side. Lilly and My brother Xander get along well. They get along so well that when they are together it sounds like a freight train just went through the middle of my house. Lilly is 4 going on thirteen. Apart from being as smart as a thirteen year old. She has the attitude of a teenager. Lilly is usually pretty quiet, but as I said when her and Xander get together not quiet. Lilly is so quiet that I once forgot she was at our house. So in our kid version of Home Free she is Adam Rupp the beat boxer. Because according to Home Free Adam is very Quiet. The other members of my family make up the remaining four members of the band. My sister is Chris Rupp, my brother is Tim Foust, Xander is Rob Lundquist, and I am Austin Brown. I went off on a rabbit trail didn't I. Sorry. Okay we were taking about Lilly. Lilly is a beautiful intelligent child, but talks way too soft and way too fast. It is very hard to understand her sometimes. Well I have things to do.  As much as I would love to stay and talk longer I have top go. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kick in the Butt!!!!

K is the letter today. K was a hard letter to decide on. I thought about doing Kristin. Then, I thought Kill Me. Lastly I decided on Kick in the Butt. I know people who really need a swift kick in the butt some times.
Like some of friends and my siblings. My friends like to make fun of me because they think I like one of my friends. They like to say things like Austin and Kristin are getting married. Not Austin Brown another Austin. Oh they tease about liking that Austin. I got way off track again. I have a habit of doing that. Okay we were talking about kicking people in the butt. My friend Kenny likes to tease everyone and he is a little annoying sometimes and just needs a kick in the butt. Siblings always need a kick in the butt. Whether they're teasing you or not. Sometimes they're just a pain and you want to kick them.

Okay enough ranting for the day. See ya next on Inside the Drama.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jump Up and Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down!

My bothers like to jump up and down when they're hyper among other things. This morning I found another thing they like to do when they are hyper. They will roll on the floor and then drive into each other with remote controlled cars. Then, they jump up and run around the house at full speed. Next, they jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down! Then, they climb the walls literally. Last, they Explode with a sugar crash and land on their faces on the floor. And as soon as I turn on Home Free they're up and at it again. They literally jump and down to listen to Home Free. I think we are the biggest Home Fries ever. Home Fries are the nickname for Home Free fans. Back on topic now. The tittle jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down comes from the TV show Phineas and Ferb. In that episode Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz make a device that puts candy everywhere. Well Dr. D and Agent P eat a lot of candy and get a sugar rush. And while they're on their sugar rush Dr. D said we should jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down. Then, they have a sugar crash and fall on their faces. 

Well now that you know what my brothers are like on a sugar rush tell me what yours are like in the comments.
See ya next time on Inside the Drama.                    

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspiration and Talents

Inspiration and Talents are today's topic. Lets start with inspiration first. I would like to tell you about my inspirations and you can tell me about  your's in the comments. I am inspired by the people around me everyday. I am inspired to write by my dad and my best friend's dad. I am inspired to sing by my grandmother and Home Free. I am inspired to draw by my cousin and my best friend. My dad and my best friend's dad both have blogs and write puppet skits for the kids at my church. My grandmother used to be a singer at my church. Home Free inspires me because they take a song and make completely their own and it changed the way I look at music. My cousin draws and he is really good. He taught me to draw a few things. My best friend and her mom are artists. I learned to draw people from my best friend.

Now, I'll talk about my talents. I draw, write novels, write blogs, sing, dance, and cook. As I said I learned to draw from my cousin and my best friend, but i also learned to draw on my own. I experimented with drawing lines and shapes in different ways. I never thought of talking about or showing my drawings in my blog. So I have to thank Liz over at she asked me to show my drawing in my blog. I write novels every November. I do National Novel Writing Month each year. I've done it three time and plan on entering this year. I write Inside the Drama and help write my brothers blog.
I love to sing. I have grown up listening to music. I listen to music from Christian to Country. I dance with friends and family every Saturday. My dad and aunt lead the dance team at my church. So I learned dance from them. Me and my best friend are the backup dance leaders. My mom is sick a lot and has a lot of health problems. So I do almost all the cooking in my house. I cook stuff out of a box and make things from scratch.

Thanks for reading and see me next time on Inside the Drama.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home Free

HOME FREE VOCAL BAND. (Home Free for short)
Home Free is my favorite band. My family likes Home Free so much that we watch the ending credits of movies and TV shows for their names.  Home Free is the first ever country a cappella band.  Home Free is made up of Chris Rupp, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist, and Austin Brown. Chris and Adam are brothers. They started the band back in 2000 right out of high school. They have had several different line ups their current line up the best. My favorite member of the band is Austin Brown. If you've heard Home Free and seen them preform tell me who your favorite is in the comments. Next, I'm going to tell you about each one in order of my favorites.

Austin Brown is without a doubt my favorite. Sorry Rob, Tim, Adam, and Chris no offense Austins just cuter. Austin is the high tenor. Austin Brown started out touring with his dad when he was growing. Austin is from a small town in South Georgia. When he wasn't touring with his dad he was growing up on a peanut farm. Also, Austin finds clothing restricting. So if you ever see a picture or video of him he either won't not be wearing a shirt or he will be wearing a blue towel.

Tim Foust the man that rocks the house. If there is an earthquake it's probably Tim singing the ending note of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Tim is the bass. He can hit a low F#. Tim has a near five octave range. Tim started out as a pre-dental major, but quickly realized that music was a better route to follow. Oh, and Tim likes to twerk. So be careful if you're around him or he might twerk on you like he does on his band mate Rob.

Chris Rupp is the hat man. Chris is bald so he wears a hat. He looks good in one though. I on the other hand do not. He is always wearing a hat. So in pictures were his is not he looks weird. Chris is the baritone and fill in bass when Tim is singing. Chris is the only band mate who can't get a girlfriend. It's not because he's not good looking. It's because he is embarrassing and dances weird.

Adam Rupp is the best vocal percussionist in the world. Well I think he is anyway. Adam is not allowed to talk during their shows. He does get to do a beat box solo though. He is amazingly good.

From Left to Right Tim, Rob, Adam, Austin, and Chris
Rob Lundguist is the Home Free gopher. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch the videos at the end. Rob is the other tenor and the back up beat boxer for one song. Austin refers to him as their cuddly gopher.

So now that you know about Home Free Vocal Band look at the pictures and watch the videos below. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Okay G is going to be more about advice than drama. As the title reads guilt is what this post is going to talk about. Have you ever felt guilty? Wait, why am I asking of course you have. Nobody is perfect so it's obvi (short for obvious) you've felt guilty at least once.  So, now that we have established that everybody has felt guilt at least once. What makes you feel guilt? Seeing someone struggling with hurt can make you feel guilty. I think seeing someone who has lost a family member or friend makes me feel guilty. It think it makes me feel guilty because I'm not going through the same thing. So among me feeling sad for them I feel guilty too. A feeling of guilt can come from when you steal something. Like when you steal a cookie before dinner and your parents know somebody stole a cookie, but you don't want to get in trouble so you say it was a sibling who stole the cookie. Right there you just stole and lied and feel guilt for it. Not only for yourself, but for sibling who just got in trouble in your place. Here is a couple ways to keep from feeling the guilt of stealing. #1. Don't steal. #2. If your hungry just go tell your parents they might just give you something to eat while you're waiting for dinner or whatever meal you're waiting for. Here is a way to to keep from feeling the guilt of lying. Just be honest with your parents instead of lying. They want be that mad about one stolen cookie. The reason they get really mad is being lied to. They tend to punish you more when you lie. So, in conclusion if you don't lie or steal you don't feel the guilt or get in trouble as often. Unless your one of those kids who can't stay out of trouble. See ya later on Inside the Drama.    

Monday, April 7, 2014


Family is one of the most important things in my life. I am surrounded by my family all day long every day. Some people may think my family is weird or insane. Truthfully we probably are, but so is everybody else. Also, just because my family likes Home Free Vocal Band doesn't mean we're weird. Everybody has an obsession does that mean they're weird or insane? No, of course not. So just because my dad likes Ace of Base doesn't mean he's weird it just means he loses man points. Anyway back to my family. My dad's family started in North Carolina, but moved to Oklahoma when my dad was young. My mom's family started in Michigan and moved to Oklahoma when my mom was young. My mom and dad met in high school and got married right before they went college. I was born ten years later, my sister two years after me, my oldest younger brother two years after that, and my last brother three years later. Our neighbors are our grandparents. For the record we lived here first my grandparents moved in several years later. Well I have stuff to do and you probably do to. So see ya'll later on Inside the Drama.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Have you ever wanted to just explode. I've wanted to. I'm sure you have too. I have two brothers and a sister that I am with every second of every day. They make you want to explode sometimes. Now don't get me wrong I love them. I just really want to explode on them sometimes. My cousin Lilly makes me want to explode sometimes too. You can learn more about Lilly in my L post for A-Z. Lilly is usually quiet but, when her and my brother Xander get together she is louder that a freight train. The animals in my house also make me want to explode. Brandy doesn't always want to listen and that frustrates me. You can learn about Brandy in my A post. Well I have thing to do so peace out. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't talk so fast

My brothers talk way to fast and so do I sometimes. It's hard not to talk fast sometimes. When you talk fast no one understands what you're saying. The person you're talking to gets frustrated because they can't understand you. You get frustrated because they keep asking you to say it again. Overall you both end up mad and storm away from each other angrily. So if you talk slower you and your friends are happy and stay friends longer. No one wants to be friends with someone that talks to fast. It's just so frustrating and pointless you don't know what your friend says or your friend doesn't know you are saying. I would know I talk to fast for my friends to understand me and my friends talk way to fast for me to understand. So if you work on talking slower and so do your friends you and your friends will be happier and stay friends longer. My favorite song is playing on Spotify so I've gotta run. See ya'll later on Inside the Drama.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


 What are chores? Some people say chores are house work, Some people might say all work is chores. Some people might even say that homework is chores. Truthfully chores are house work. Chores are usually things like laundry and dishes. Sometimes there are other chore like cleaning the toilets and dusting and washing windows. I have six people in my family and have to do laundry and dishes for everyone. The laundry and dishes would be easy if my siblings would work. There is few ways to get them to work. Tell them they can't have computer time that day. My sister likes to listen to her favorite band while she is working. So if I tell her she can only listen if she is working she'll work. Some chores are fun. Like dusting, my brothers love to dust and don't consider it chores so they'll do it like that. My sister likes cleaning toilets. Ever since she was little if there was a toilet to clean she cleaned it. I myself like gardening. My mother owns a tree farm so plants are chores for us. I don't count school as a chore because I love school. Now what the chores in my life are like tell me what yours are like. See ya later on Inside the Drama.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bad Influences

Bad influences are every where. They even happen to the best of us. Teenagers are in danger the most. I would know I am a teenager. Teenagers in high school and college are tempted with drugs, alcohol, cheating on tests and quizzes, skipping school, and more. Whether its friends, teachers, siblings, or parents we're tempted to do things that are wrong. Even if it's just stealing a cookie when you're told you can't have one it's still wrong. How do you avoid bad influences? There are a few ways. You can simply say no, you can ignore the person trying to get you to do bad things, you can walk away, and you can stop hanging out with the bad influence. I know it's hard to tell a friend no or to ignore a friend or even stop hanging out with a friend. Even if it is your best friend bad influences are bad influences and you can't give in to them. You will not only hurt yourself by doing this, but you will hurt your family and friends by giving in to the bad influences. Your family and friends are more important than your desires. You don't want to hurt yourself or the people that mean most to you. So keep saying no to temptation and check in next time on Inside the Drama.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Lolly is our cat. She is sweet and lovable most of the time. She is only mean if she wants to be left alone and you won't leave her alone. She like to be held sometimes. When she doesn't she will claw her way out of your arms. She has left plenty of hole and scratches on my arms.  

Brandy is one of our dogs, by "our" I mean mostly mine. She has always listened to me and behaved for me more than anyone else.  My mom keeps saying Brandy her dog, but we all no that is a lie. I'm the only that can get her to play. She treats me differently than anyone else and loves me more than anyone else.

Indy is our second dog. She is mostly dad's dog. He is the only one that can get her to behave. Indy is not the smartest dog in the world. Your can tell her to sit and she just stares at you like Duh I'm stupid. She is good at catching rabbits. There can be a rabbit a hundred yards from her and she will catch it.

Lance is our turtle. We found him about a year ago. We were walking down the road outside our house with our friends and one of our friends almost stepped on him when my sister rescued him. In my friends defense it looked like a rock.

So now that you know about the animals in my life this is Kristin signing out. Peace out!