Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Last day I'm sad and relieved it's over. The end came too soon though.
The A-Z challenge was fun. I will be doing the A-Z challenge next year. The topic for next year will be out closer to the time the challenge starts so stay tuned.

Sometimes my house is like a zoo. Animals running rampant, dirty clothes and dishes every where, dirty bathrooms. The list goes on and on, but when we all work together the zoo is clean and orderly. Like I said in A we have four animals living in our house. So it's like owning a zoo.  Plus, we once owned cows. Soon we are going to get chickens to. And my grandparents own horses and they live right next door and their horses graze in our pasture too. So it's definitely a zoo. Plus, it looks and smells like a zoo in the back pasture.

Well I guess that is it for the A-Z challenge. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.


  1. Hi Kristin,
    Congratulations on finishing. A JOB WELL DONE! I have enjoyed these glimpses into your life, they made me remember what it was like to be a teenager. You are blessed with what sounds like a wonderful family. I will continue to follow your blog and am excited you want to do it again next year.