Friday, April 18, 2014


Puppets is the topic for the day. My best friends dad owns B'nai Torah Ministries featured on Hebraic Roots Network. Torah puppets teaches the Torah and more. The Torah is the first five books of the bible. We teach from the Old Testament and the New Testament. I have two different puppets a donkey and a cow. Donkey was my first puppet. Stan my best friends dad borrowed Donkey from the church he works at. He writes the things she says I just say it. Donkey has my normal voice and is a little insane. For a puppet skit we are doing at the begging of June Donkey is going to be interrupting other people as they are talking. She is going to be saying weird things and have a crazy look in her eye. Milky Moo Vonjesahorgen   is my second puppet. I came up with the idea for Milky. We were o our way back from Branson when I thought of her. She started out as Little Puppet Vonjesahorgen who was a mean Austrian girl. When my dad mention my idea to Stan he said it was a good idea, but we had to change the name because we didn't want to break the fourth wall. So we got a cow puppet and changed her name to Milky Moo. And every time she says her name she has an Austrian accent. Then she starts talking in a really high voice. 

Well now that you have learned about our ministry and my puppets feel free to watch us on HRN.Com on 7 am and 7:30 am on Mondays and Saturdays  

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  1. Nice to meet and connect through the atozchallenge.