Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspiration and Talents

Inspiration and Talents are today's topic. Lets start with inspiration first. I would like to tell you about my inspirations and you can tell me about  your's in the comments. I am inspired by the people around me everyday. I am inspired to write by my dad and my best friend's dad. I am inspired to sing by my grandmother and Home Free. I am inspired to draw by my cousin and my best friend. My dad and my best friend's dad both have blogs and write puppet skits for the kids at my church. My grandmother used to be a singer at my church. Home Free inspires me because they take a song and make completely their own and it changed the way I look at music. My cousin draws and he is really good. He taught me to draw a few things. My best friend and her mom are artists. I learned to draw people from my best friend.

Now, I'll talk about my talents. I draw, write novels, write blogs, sing, dance, and cook. As I said I learned to draw from my cousin and my best friend, but i also learned to draw on my own. I experimented with drawing lines and shapes in different ways. I never thought of talking about or showing my drawings in my blog. So I have to thank Liz over at she asked me to show my drawing in my blog. I write novels every November. I do National Novel Writing Month each year. I've done it three time and plan on entering this year. I write Inside the Drama and help write my brothers blog.
I love to sing. I have grown up listening to music. I listen to music from Christian to Country. I dance with friends and family every Saturday. My dad and aunt lead the dance team at my church. So I learned dance from them. Me and my best friend are the backup dance leaders. My mom is sick a lot and has a lot of health problems. So I do almost all the cooking in my house. I cook stuff out of a box and make things from scratch.

Thanks for reading and see me next time on Inside the Drama.


  1. You are at a great age to be inspired. Keep going with each of these and don't let anything hold you back. You will be able to go as far as you are willing to allow yourself to go.

  2. Hi Kristin,

    Your drawings are great! Is that you with the flashlight?

    Sounds like you have a lot of inspiration and talent, and that you are a big help to your family with cooking and stuff.

    I get inspired when I see creative people. I've always loved arts/crafts and there have been some amazing people producing wonderful things. That's why I'm putting pictures of art (mostly from history) on my blog for the challenge, I hope it inspires other people to be creative.

    I hope you never loose your creativity, because it's a precious gift!

    I'll check back again to see what you're up to :-)


  3. The girl with the flashlight is the main character of my latest novel. She is based off of me and Nancy Drew.