Monday, April 14, 2014


Xander on Left, Lilly on Right
Lilly is my second cousin on my dad's side. Lilly and My brother Xander get along well. They get along so well that when they are together it sounds like a freight train just went through the middle of my house. Lilly is 4 going on thirteen. Apart from being as smart as a thirteen year old. She has the attitude of a teenager. Lilly is usually pretty quiet, but as I said when her and Xander get together not quiet. Lilly is so quiet that I once forgot she was at our house. So in our kid version of Home Free she is Adam Rupp the beat boxer. Because according to Home Free Adam is very Quiet. The other members of my family make up the remaining four members of the band. My sister is Chris Rupp, my brother is Tim Foust, Xander is Rob Lundquist, and I am Austin Brown. I went off on a rabbit trail didn't I. Sorry. Okay we were taking about Lilly. Lilly is a beautiful intelligent child, but talks way too soft and way too fast. It is very hard to understand her sometimes. Well I have things to do.  As much as I would love to stay and talk longer I have top go. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

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  1. Hi! Found your blog through the A to Z list. This was an intersting post to stop by on. Lilly seems like an interesting girl. I was really quiet when I was little too.

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