Thursday, April 24, 2014


Let's kick off the day with the 21st letter of the alphabet. U is number 21 so that today's topic letter.

Uncomfortable is my choice for the day. I have always been uncomfortable around lots of people. In the Winter Jam line I was antsy because I was going to be able to get into Winter Jam, but also because there were a lot of people. I have also been afraid to talk to people on the phone or people in general. I don't like to talk to cashiers or people walking by. I found my best friend because she is the same way.
The first sentence we said to each other was "I didn't think you would like me." We have been friends ever sense. I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid. I never went to public school or lived in a neighborhood. We actually live I small town in Oklahoma. We live in a hay field. We do have friends that live ten minutes from us, but they don't come over often.

Back on topic now. I have gotten better at speaking to people and are slowly getting over it. After, my Bat Mitzvah I should be able to talk to people without being scared.

Well I have friends coming over soon and school to do. See ya later on Inside the Drama.  

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