Thursday, April 3, 2014


 What are chores? Some people say chores are house work, Some people might say all work is chores. Some people might even say that homework is chores. Truthfully chores are house work. Chores are usually things like laundry and dishes. Sometimes there are other chore like cleaning the toilets and dusting and washing windows. I have six people in my family and have to do laundry and dishes for everyone. The laundry and dishes would be easy if my siblings would work. There is few ways to get them to work. Tell them they can't have computer time that day. My sister likes to listen to her favorite band while she is working. So if I tell her she can only listen if she is working she'll work. Some chores are fun. Like dusting, my brothers love to dust and don't consider it chores so they'll do it like that. My sister likes cleaning toilets. Ever since she was little if there was a toilet to clean she cleaned it. I myself like gardening. My mother owns a tree farm so plants are chores for us. I don't count school as a chore because I love school. Now what the chores in my life are like tell me what yours are like. See ya later on Inside the Drama.


  1. I hate chores! When I was younger, my parents tried to get my brother and I to do chores but they soon realized we would only do things well if we wanted to do it ;) lol

  2. Always at the bottom of my to do list. Hate chores. Cannot afford a housekeeper or I'd have one. Ugh.