Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Touched Me!

Second to last letter. Today's post is going to be about me and friends. You can here about a argument that's been going on for over 2 years. It's still going on today. It started in October of 2012. And every time I see my friend we start the fight every time. Not that either of us are mad about it. It's just hilarious to fight over a simple little thing. Every time our family's get to together one of his siblings or my siblings gets us going. Well here's the story.

October 2012 me, my friends and my siblings were swimming in the lake. The water was kinda cold so we were trying not to stay in one spot. My friend Kenny convinced us to go out further in the lake to investigate a mysterious object. We got there and found out it was a log. My other friend Austin said we should probably get away from it because there could be something harmful living inside it. Me and my best friend Chloe and my other best friend Katelyn headed toward shore first. Then, Austin and Kenny came a minute or so later. I didn't hear Austin coming up behind me over my friends and I talking. Well Austin grabbed my leg and it scared me. My first instinct was to kick and swim faster. I didn't find out that I had kicked Austin in the gut till me and my other friends got to shore and Austin told me I had kicked him. I told him it was his fault and that he shouldn't come up behind me when I'm swimming. Then, I said and I quote "You touched me". And he said "You kicked me". And then we fought about who did what. To this day two years later we still fight about it.

Well now that you've heard about my friends. It's time to end. See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

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