Friday, April 25, 2014

Vegetables Hate-em

Vegetables are the worst food in the world. If it grows on a tree or a vine it is gross. Except corn and potatoes they're pretty good. I will eat mashed potatoes every day for rest of my life if I could. You can cover vegetable in chocolate and I still wouldn't eat them. You cover them in a candy coating wouldn't eat-em. If somebody could make them taste like candy then I might eat them. Until then I will stick to not eating them. The Home Free guys probably couldn't get me to them. If Austin Brown asked me nicely I still wouldn't eat them. And you guys how much I love Home Free and Austin Brown, but sorry I hate vegetables and that's that. Well, I guess if Home Free let me tour with them or sing on stage with them if I ate the vegetables. Then, I would eat them. Ok, maybe I would for Austin Brown. What he's cute.

Well that on foods and boys for the day. Bye! See ya later on Inside the Drama.

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