Friday, April 11, 2014

Jump Up and Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down!

My bothers like to jump up and down when they're hyper among other things. This morning I found another thing they like to do when they are hyper. They will roll on the floor and then drive into each other with remote controlled cars. Then, they jump up and run around the house at full speed. Next, they jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down! Then, they climb the walls literally. Last, they Explode with a sugar crash and land on their faces on the floor. And as soon as I turn on Home Free they're up and at it again. They literally jump and down to listen to Home Free. I think we are the biggest Home Fries ever. Home Fries are the nickname for Home Free fans. Back on topic now. The tittle jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down comes from the TV show Phineas and Ferb. In that episode Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz make a device that puts candy everywhere. Well Dr. D and Agent P eat a lot of candy and get a sugar rush. And while they're on their sugar rush Dr. D said we should jump up and down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down, up-n-down. Then, they have a sugar crash and fall on their faces. 

Well now that you know what my brothers are like on a sugar rush tell me what yours are like in the comments.
See ya next time on Inside the Drama.                    

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