Monday, April 7, 2014


Family is one of the most important things in my life. I am surrounded by my family all day long every day. Some people may think my family is weird or insane. Truthfully we probably are, but so is everybody else. Also, just because my family likes Home Free Vocal Band doesn't mean we're weird. Everybody has an obsession does that mean they're weird or insane? No, of course not. So just because my dad likes Ace of Base doesn't mean he's weird it just means he loses man points. Anyway back to my family. My dad's family started in North Carolina, but moved to Oklahoma when my dad was young. My mom's family started in Michigan and moved to Oklahoma when my mom was young. My mom and dad met in high school and got married right before they went college. I was born ten years later, my sister two years after me, my oldest younger brother two years after that, and my last brother three years later. Our neighbors are our grandparents. For the record we lived here first my grandparents moved in several years later. Well I have stuff to do and you probably do to. So see ya'll later on Inside the Drama.