Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Moon is today's topic, Blood Moon actually. April 15, 2014, at 2 am there was total lunar eclipse. The moon was blood red. Well it was in some places. In my part of Oklahoma it was more dark orange then blood red. In Tulsa though it was blood red. Tulsa is only 25 miles west of where I live. Why me and my dad didn't see it that color I don't know. Home Free's Rob Lundquist and his dog stayed up and saw it. He posted that he saw it on Facebook. My dad and I stayed out for about half an hour or so before we went inside because it was freezing. I think my nose froze. Yes, that was supposed to be funny. Speaking of frozen has anybody reading this seen the movie Frozen. I have and it was good. My favorite part is when Olaf the snowman said Do Me A Favor Grab My Butt. Or when princess Ana said It Is Not Nice To Throw People. Well now that off topic again I have to end.

Here is a picture of the Blood Moon if you've never seen one.

See ya next time on Inside the Drama.

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  1. We were hoping to see the Blood Moon but then forgot to stay up to watch for it:(