Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Songs, Videos, Albums and Merch.

Today I will be talking about new stuff from Home Free. As for new songs the added seven new songs to the Spring tour. And, Tim is writing a new song with Home Free's producer. Home Free had seven new videos to come as of the end of February. They have so far released four with three to go and one recorded for this winter. So far they have released: Thinkin out loud/Let's get it on, What We Ain't Got, Butts Remix, and Honey I'm Good. To come are: Mom, Wagon Wheel and ?. Why a question mark? Because I don't know what the last song is. I think it's a song off of Crazy Life, but I'm really not sure. Ok the next album will be coming out late summer or early fall. On that album will be some cool collaborations and new Home Free originals. One collaboration we know of is Elvira with the Oak Ridge Boys. Coming to the Home Free online store is new tour merchandise. New t-shirts, posters, photos, etc.
Bye guys see you later with more facts.
Newest Video below.

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