Friday, April 24, 2015

Understanding Home Free

Today we are going to understand Home Free, or at least try to. Alright here are some fun facts about Home Free: 1. they are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2. Three out of the five guy are from Minnesota and still live there, 3. The group is inspired by boots, trucks and women, and Home Free was started at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato, Mn. Home free is also named after a boat. Oh, and they like to sing about Butts and Thongs. Now for some fun facts about the guys.
Austin finds clothing restricting. Tim is always on his phone. Rob is always posting on facebook about his dog (Penny Lane Lundguist).
Chris's cat peed on his vest that he had for less that a day and he has never worn it since. Adam doesn't talk. Austin likes to sing bad karaoke while he's drunk. Tim went to school to become a dentist, but soon realized that music was a better career for him. Rob likes rubber band bracelets. Chris taught swing dance and piano for many years. Adam was nominated to be the beat boxer by Chris. Austin was a model. Tim trims his hair every spring at the same barber in Nederland, Texas. Rob likes to go to Europe. Chris and Adam both graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Mn.
Bye guys I hope that informed you about Home Free. There are seven days left in the count til the Home Free concert.

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