Friday, April 17, 2015

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is where I am going in just fourteen days. Yes, fourteen days! I know I'm excited too. I love Home Free. I am so happy and nervous to go to my first Home Free concert. I can't wait to meet Tim and Austin and Chris and Adam, oh and Rob too. I am going to look like a dwarf compared to those five. In order from smallest to largest here are the guys heights; Austin is 6'1 and a half, Adam and Chris are 6'2 and Tim and Rob are 6'3. I'm 5'6, I feel so short. My dad is 6'3 so I kinda know how short I am compared to Tim. Now Austin isn't going seem so tall. I am so going to call him Honey Boo Boo. I am so happy Home Free is finally coming to Oklahoma. Since we found Home Free in December of 2013, the closest they have came to Tulsa, Oklahoma is Fayetteville, Arkansas. They will finally be closer on April 30th, 2015. I found out last year that right before we found Home Free they were in a small town in Oklahoma. I know grrr right. I'm surprised it took Home Free so long to come back to Oklahoma. Austin went to college in Oklahoma City. And Chris went to a movie in Tulsa. Also, Tim likes it anywhere that's warm. So that's three of the five guys that like Oklahoma. So, I don't know why they haven't come yet, but all I can do is hope and wait. And ask them when I see them why they haven't come yet.
Bye guys until tomorrow.

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