Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thinkin' by Chris Rupp

T is for Thinkin, a post on facebook or twitter each day from Chris Rupp. Thinins are very inspirational and thought provoking. My favorite Thinkin is " Random spontaneous hugs are awesome!". I love to get random hugs and give random hugs. Although not as much as my little brother. Ok, back to Thinkin. Chris started writing Thinkins late last year and so far has over two hundred Thinkins. Once he get's three hundred sixty-five Thinkins he is going to make a calendar. Chris's Thinkins are something I look forward to reading every day. I love how he takes simple thoughts and turns them into something so great. It really makes me re-examine my life some times. I agree with most of Thinkins and there are some that I don't. Thinkins really made look at Chris as a totally different person. I always thought he was just goofy and that he didn't take anything seriously, but he does. And, it makes him an awesome person. Also, today is Adam's birth day. 
Bye guys see you later. I can't wait for the concert in eight days. Read Chris's Thinkins here:

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