Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Today is all about Home Free's guilty pleasures. In older shows prior to the spring tour Home Free used to do their guilty pleasures in every show. It was a ten minute long skit with really bad music that they love anyway (according to Tim).  Baby is Austin's guilty pleasure, Call Me Maybe is Chris's guilty pleasure, Friday by is Rob's guilty pleasure, Party Rock Anthem is Tim's guilty pleasure, and Gangnam Style is Adam's guilty pleasure. Yeah you can imagine what that's like with those songs. And of course there's Tim two things and Tim's twerking. Yes, I said twerking. Also, in the skit Tim is constantly telling Austin he can't rap and keeps making fun of his pants. Which are skinny jeans that are still a little baggy. And they're also purple. Yep, purple pants on a grown man. Aye ye ye! I kinda wish they had left the guilty pleasures in their shows, cause I really wanted to see Tim twerk and Austin rap.
Welp, that is the Home Free trivia for today, until tomorrow watch the video below and look at the pics.

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  1. "You scared Rob plum off the stage, man!" I love Adam's guilty pleasure performed all in Korean. That's pretty darn impressive.