Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Merchandise is awesome, especially when it's Home Free merchandise. I have a Home Free t-shirt, poster and a cd. The poster and the cd are both signed. In just sixteen days I will have more signed merch. Yes, I said signed merch. Tim is always talking about signed merch. Ok, the t-shirt and poster I have I didn't pay for I got them free for being a patron. What is a patron you ask? A patron is some one who supports Home Free on Patreon. What is Patreon? Watch the video below to find out. For My birthday I asked my family if they would get me Home Free T-shirts and other Home Free merch. I really want an EWBOK bear as well, but they're all sold out and they haven't released the info on how to get one yet.
Bye guys see you tomorrow for N. Here is a link to the Home Free store and a link to their websire.

Here is the video I was talking about.

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