Thursday, April 2, 2015


 B is for Bass and I'm all about that bass. I don't just like the song, I love the bass of Home Free. Tim Foust is my favorite member of Home Free. I know what you're thinking I thought Austin was your favorite. Well.....He was and still is. I'm confusing you right. I like both Austin and Tim. It depends on the day which one is my favorite. Today, Tim is my favorite. I like Chris too. Oh, I like Adam too. Yeah, I pretty much like all of them. I crush on all of them, except for Rob. I just can't crush on Rob. He reminds me too much of my dad and some other people I know. What was I talking about. Oh yeah, I was talking about how I love bass. Tim is the best bass singer in my opinion. He has a five octave range and two tones. He has that voice that will just make you melt. When he hits earth shaking low notes it gives you goose bumps. My family likes to play their music through the surround sound in our living room. When, Tim hits low notes our entire house shakes. I was sitting in a chair in our dinning room and could the bass in my chair. As the one of judges on the Sing off once said "I got bass in my butt". I am so looking forward to the Home Free concert in 29 days. I can't wait to feel the bass in my butt as the building shakes. I have heard many people say that the entire venue will shake as he hits the lowest notes in the song. He even blew out a couple speakers in concert with his bass. He had to apologize to the people in the front row who now had shards of speaker in their face. One lady said on facebook that she went to a Home Free last spring and the subwoofer vibrated off the stage into her and her boyfriends lap in the front row.

Here is a picture of Tim.
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  1. I fully expect to vibrate for a couple of days after that concert.