Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xylophone (They Don't Have One)

Today I'm going talk about Home Free's lack of xylophones. As you know Home Free is a cappella, so Home Free doesn't have any instruments. In The Butt Remix and Honey I'm Good you really can't tell that they're a cappella. Fun Fact; in Honey I'm Good at 2:32-2:47 is Tim's lowest note ever recorded even lower than Ring Of Fire.Which is amazing considering that Ring Of Fire was the lowest note Tim had ever hit until a month ago. Country Girl is part of Butts that sound like a real band with instruments. Tim is really good at make harmonica sounds. Austin is a really good guitar. Adam makes good trumpet sounds. Chris and Tim sound like bass guitars. They are truly amazing at sound like a real instrumental band.
Bye guys see you later. Also, there is only two days left in A-Z and until the Home Free concert.

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