Monday, April 6, 2015

Everything Will Be Okay

EWBOK!!!! If you are a true Home Fry you will know what this means. If you aren't then I guess I will have to explain it. EWBOK means Everything Will Be Okay. Pronounced OO Bock. EWBOK is written by Tim Foust. Tim wrote Everything Will Be Okay, when he was a solo country artist. Tim even released his solo country album (not a cappella) called The Best That I Could Do. You can look for it I-tunes and Spotify. Anyway back to EWBOK. EWBOK is the perfect song for when you feeling down. When you feel like rather than dealing with the world you just wanna curl up in a ball and die. This song will make you feel like you can just push through your day and Everything Will Be Okay (pun intended). If you watch the video you will notice the theme with the bear. The bear is named EWBOK. If you would like an EWBOK bear comment below and I will give you the information when I have it. There will be a separate post later with the info.

Bye guys! See you tomorrow with more facts and info about Home Free.
Below is a picture of EWBOK and the video.

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