Monday, April 20, 2015


Quirks are good and bad, when it comes to Home Free all their quirks are good or hilarious. Well, except Chris' dancing, that's just weird and awkward. Sadly, Adam doesn't have any quirks, but he can sound like really cool instruments. Honestly he doesn't sound like a human. Ok, back on topic now. Tim has an awesome quirk. And that's his ability to move his hips.  He love to shake his hips. I know of several songs they do in concert where he moves his hips. Wake Me Up, American Kids, All About That Bass, and A Little Bit of Everything. My favorite thing Tim does is move his hips and I get to see them do all four of these songs in eleven days. Also, another quirk he has is to make all the girls in the audience melt with just a few words. Now, we are going to move on to Chris. Chris's best quirk is make the audience laugh at Chris embarrassing himself. Yes, there is a reason for Chris being an eligible bachelor. As Tim says "there's just one problem well there are number of problems" with Chris and being a bachelor is just one of the problems. There's also the fact that he can't dance like a normal person, Like at all. He just can't, but he does have arms the size of....well their really big. Adam and Chris are both pretty buff, that's for sure. Robs only Quirk is that he is the cuddliest teddy bear ever. Everyone wants to give him a hug. Even I want to give him a hug. He's just so darn sweet. Ok, on to the last guy Austin. Austin has a cute little nose scrunch in the O' Holy Night video. He also has the ability to hit really high notes and hold them. He is super photogenic. He is always posing for photos or photo bombing the other guys selfies.
Bye guys see you tomorrow with R.  Bonus the first person to tell me in the comments which person is which will get....nothing you just know Home Free really well.