Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Jam!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I went to Winter Jam. Winter Jam is a Christian concert. There are ten bands for ten dollars. It's first com first serve. So if you want to get in you either come early and stand in line for hours or get Jam nation. Jam Nation members get in early and are guaranteed seats, but the cheapest membership is forty dollars. Me, my dad, and my best friend went to the concert. We stood in line for five hours waiting for the doors to open. Five hours seems like a year when you're bored. During the concert the band Thousand Foot Krutch announced that Carrie Underwood was going to sing with them. I thought it was a joke until she ran on stage. Out of that whole concert I'm still hung up about that part. The Newsboys were awesome. Michael Tait the lead singer called me pretty and so did the drummer. During one of the songs the drum set lifted of the stage and started spinning. After, the concert I couldn't hear I still can hear fully. The concert was awesome even though it was loud. Here are some pictures from the concert.


  1. Glad that you had an awesome time at the concert and 5 hours in the queue was worth the wait, Kristin :)
    Looking forward to read you this April for the A to Z Challenge.

    PS : You must remove Captcha or word verification from your comments. It acts as a deterrent for blog visitors :)

    Shilpa Garg
    Co-Host AJ's wHooligan for the A to Z Challenge 2014

  2. Winter jam was AWESOME I want to go every year